Communicate Instanly

English for Specific Purposes

This program is designed for specific learners based on their learning needs; it comprises of English for Teachers, English for...

General English

General English program provides materials in a systematic way and helps students to improve their English...

University Entrance Preparation

Assist students to prepare them in fulfilling the university entrance requirements such as TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT. We provide...

Rumah Bahasa

Rumah Bahasa located in Ruko Gramapuri Taman Sari Blok DD No.1 – Wanasari, Cibitung – Bekasi has been opened...


Private tuition for students of Internasional Schools (Cambridge and IB Curriculum) in one on one learning...


–(like) water off a duck's back– An insult or criticism that doesn’t upset...

Our Gallery

 Flash Private Course

Flash Private Course

 An intensive private Math lesson for an International School student

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Fun with English - UIN 2014 - 3

Fun with English - UIN 2014 - 3

The students taking pictures together after the talent show for the final performance.

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Flash English Outing 2014

Flash English Outing 2014

Flash English team at the Floating Market in Lembang, Bandung.

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Word Bank

Popular Words

Hashtag       : The # symbol used on social networking services as a keyword that relates to the subject of the message.

Hater            : A person who dislikes certain person or thing usually  who usualy gives negative comments .

Hotspot         : Location where  wireless internet access is available.

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Our Valuable ClientsThanks to all

  • SD Islam TUGASKU
  • PT. QASA  Strategic Consulting
  • SMP Harapan Ibu
  • PT.Altelindo( IT Specialist )
  • SD/SMP Islam PB. Soedirman
  • Yayasan Pendidikan Prima Suarga Bara – Sangatta
  • PT. DEKA (Marketing Research)
  • PT. Sinar Mutiara Indah
  • MEDCO Foundation
  • Madrasah Pembangunan UIN
  • SD, SMP, SMU Islam AL-Azhar
  • PT. Multi Teknindo Infrotonika
  • Torishima Guna Engineering Service
  • SMP YADIKA - Ciledug
  • SDI AL Muslim, Tambun - Bekasi
  • Avicena School
  • PT.XYZ
  • Sekolah - Bakti Mulya 400
  • SMP Labschool
  • PT. Emerio Indonesia
  • SD Islam Dian Didaktika
  • SMAIT Nurul Fikri

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